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News Server Account Sharing Message When Using VPN

Our server keeps track of the number of IP addresses accessing an account at any given time.  The news servers limit connections to one IP address on our Metered and Unlimited accouints.  The news servers do not enforce IP limits on Block accounts.

If you do all 3 of these things, our server may detect more than one active IP:

  1. Start a Usenet session and are
  2. Actively using it and
  3. Turn a VPN on or off or switch IP's while actively connected to our news servers

If this happens, our server closes all connections on an account and denies additional connections until a 15 minute timeout occurs.

To avoid this, the best practice is to pause or stop any Usenet activity before using a VPN to change your IP address, then unpause and/or restart your Usenet session.

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